Interested in participating but don't know how or where to get started? I often run the Architectural Katas at software development conferences, but a few bold folks have started running Architectural Kata User Groups; as I find out about them, I will try to keep this page updated with those groups' contact information so you can link up with them.

Alternatively, you can try sending a message to the Architectural Katas Google Group and see if anybody there is hosting something nearby.

Known Groups

  • Solidify, my employer, is exploring the idea of hosting some public Katas workshops as a way of reaching out to the community in the regions in which we have offices. Reach out to me if you would be interested in seeing one done in your city.
  • Numerous conferences I've spoken at have had me host the katas; if you're interested, reach out to a conference near you and ask the organizers to get hold of me to schedule a workshop at their event.
  • The Boston Architectural Katas Practioners group is the first group I know that has self-organized around doing architectural katas on a monthly basis. Next time I'm in Boston, I plan to try and catch one.